Missionary to Latvia!

Exciting news!! I have been invited by Bridge Builders International (http://www.bridgebuildersint.com/) to serve with them as a missionary to Latvia, serving those effected by physical disability.

God has orchestrated this entire process and His timing and plans are more than I could have ever imagined. What does this mean now? Well, in the near future (few months) I will quit my job and begin the process of support raising to shoot for being in Latvia by around June.

A brief explanation of the main roles I will have while in Latvia are:
– Teach at the University in the O&P department (part-time position)
– Facilitate and develop a disability ministry
– Provide prosthetic and orthotic services to those who do not have access to them (mobile clinic)
– help with other BBI work when needed

*I will share a more detailed ministry plan when it is finalized.

Bridge Builders International (BBI) is a small mission organization that focuses all its efforts on sharing God’s love and message to the people of Latvia. They are a very respected and recognized group within Latvia and have served formally there since 1994, following Latvian independence. Please read more about this wonderful organization on their website. It truly is a hidden gem and I believe it was God’s definite plan for me to serve with them.

I am truly excited and blessed to be a part of the BBI family and am so very excited to see how God will use me and continue to use Latvia to serve the disabled communities of Latvia.

I plan for this major change in my life to be a long-term change. All funding necessary for personal and ministry costs will come from church, friends, and business supporters. Many details are ahead that must be considered and accounted for.

I covet your prayers as I prepare for the continuation of this amazing journey God has allowed me to be part of!


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